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The following process will typically be adopted before we can act:

  1. Knowing Our Clients Information

    As required by law and as part of our continuing risk management process, we are committed to ensuring that we identify out clients through the collection of Know Your Client (KYC) documentation. Details of what we require from you can be found in the documents below:

  2. Due dilligence checks

    Like all professional Tax practices, it is requisite for us to complete certain ‘due diligence’ checks. Once we have received your KYC we will be required to undertake these unobtrusive due diligence checks online using a variety of publicly available resources, and this will determine if we can act for you or not.

  3. Letter of Engagement

    Our Letter of Engagement (LoE) forms the contract between us and sets out our Terms of Business and the work that we will perform. We will agree the scope of our work with you upfront so you know what to expect. Our standard Terms of Business can be found by below.

  4. Starting the work

    We will start the work once we have received the signed Letter of Engagement and conducted our Due Diligence checks.

  5. Subsequent work

    We can perform subsequent work once we have completed the initial advice. We can do this by either agreeing in writing to an extension to the scope of the work, or by issuing a new Letter of Engagement, so both us and the client know what to expect.

  6. Our fees

    We will try to agree the level of fees upfront. Sometimes it can be difficult to set fees because the scope of work may change completely or circumstances will change. If this happens we will let you know in advance.

    Where we need to incur disbursements we will obtain quotations and ask for funds on account before we incur any costs.

    Our standard fees can be found in our general terms and conditions of business.