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Taxation as a non-UK resident

Even if you have left the UK, you may still be liable to many UK taxes.  UK tax liabilities can arise:

(a)  In a year in which the tax year is split into resident and non-resident periods;
(b)  whilst non-resident generally; or
(c)  in any year in which UK residence is resumed.

Much depends on the nature of the income arising, ie rents, interest, royalties, dividends or general trading income, or on capital gains.

In addition, many non-UK residents may still be within the scope of inheritance tax, either indefinitely or at the every least, for a number of years after they have ceased residence.

How can we assist?
We can assist by:

-  determining your residence and domicile status so you can minimise your UK tax liabilities as a non-UK resident;
-  analysing your income streams; and
-  determining how assets are held and how best to hold them given your circumstances.