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General Residence Matters

There may be a number of circumstances that dictate whether you decide to leave or return to the UK.  For example:

(a)  You may be a long term expatriate and wish to return home to retire;
(b)  your overseas employment may have come to an end;
(c)  you may have sold your business and wish to leave the UK to enjoy your retirement in a lower tax environment;
(d)  you may have a start-up business and wish to establish it overseas; or
(e)  you may simply wish to leave the UK for lifestyle reasons.

Whatever your reason, tax will or should play a part in your decision making process.

Some of the areas you will need to think about include:

Residence  How do you cease residence?
Domicile     What is your domicile and how can you change it?
Emigration and your business  What to do about your UK business and what effect does your domicile have?
Taxation of non-UK residents  How you will be taxed in the UK as a non-UK resident?
Returning expatriate  What to do on or prior to your return to the UK?