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Tax Returns and Reporting

Tax returns of whatever description are often a client’s only interaction with the tax authorities.  There are many different returns and too many to list here but as a flavour we prepare the following.

Personal returns

• UK self-assessment returns
• Isle of Man personal returns

Estate and trust returns

• IHT100 - 10 year and exit charges for trusts
• IHT400 - estates

Property related-returns

Residential property
• Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings (“ATED”)
• ATED CGT returns
• Non-resident CGT returns
• Non-Resident Landlord scheme returns

Commercial property
• Non-Resident Landlord scheme returns


• UK self-assessment returns
• Form 50FS – relevant income and stockpiled gains computations


• Registration and de-registration
• EU sales lists
• Group registration
• Monthly and quarterly returns

Company returns

• Isle of Man company returns

Our methodology for preparing returns is very strict so we ensure we hit deadlines: clients a busy people and tax reporting is often bottom of the to-do list so we encourage clients not to get too upset when we nudge them gently to make sure we can deliver on time.

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