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Tax Counsel

At Hotchkiss Associates Limited, we have experience across a broad range of areas of expertise; however, sometimes an area of tax legislation is so complex or specialised that it is useful to obtain a second opinion from a Tax Counsel. A Tax Counsel is a barrister specialising in tax. A Queen’s Counsel (“QC”) or ‘Silk’ is a senior barrister who has been made QC as a mark of outstanding ability. 

Services provided by Tax Counsel

There are various reasons for requiring the services of Tax Counsel, such as requiring their representation in a court case, seeking advice on handling a dispute with HMRC so as to avoid what might be costly litigation, as well as more general advice on problem solving and structuring. If there is a large amount of tax at stake, especially in a complex or subjective area of tax legislation, it can be wise to obtain a second opinion as a matter of prudence. The advice provided by Tax Counsel does not necessarily have to be a highly detailed formal opinion: it can also take the form of a short telephone conference or written piece of advice on one or two discrete points.

Instructing Tax Counsel

As a firm of tax advisors, we have direct access to Tax Counsel in various Tax Chambers. We can assist you in identifying when an opinion from Tax Counsel may be required and help you choose the right Tax Counsel with the relevant experience. Using our technical knowledge and expertise, we can draft instructions to Tax Counsel and discuss the advice received with you.
If there is a particularly specialised or complex area of tax that you are struggling with and wish to discuss seeking Tax Counsel’s opinion, please contact us.

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