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In the modern business world, we are all increasingly internationally mobile and business interests are likely to have not only a domestic outlook but are becoming increasingly global and digital.  We specialise in advising clients on both domestic (UK and Manx) tax matters as well as considering international tax.

We provide our clients with tax advice tailored to their circumstances and needs. A practical approach and a healthy focus on ‘is what is proposed the right thing to do?’ differentiates us from our competitors.  We make sure we understand our client’s objectives and our job is to ‘stress test’ those objectives and make sure advice is fit for purpose.  We don’t always give good news (tax laws can be very strict) but we help clients navigate this increasingly complex world. 

General advice

This includes:

(1) advice on ceasing or commencing UK and/or Manx tax residence including remaining non-UK resident;
(2) commenting on and reviewing client’s domicile status, advice on how to retain or change it;
(3) the new concept of deemed domicile post April-2017, the remittance basis and the interaction with overseas entities;
(4) how a client can best structure their tax affairs in order to manage their tax liabilities depending on their status, ie residence and/or domicile.
(5) Reporting and tax compliance including all tax returns.

Family matters

Where the family is concerned we can advise on:

(1) succession planning: finding the right solution not just in terms of minimising inheritance and wealth taxes but ensuring the solution is complementary to the client’s wishes as to how wealth devolves;
(2) wealth preservation by tax minimisation.


If our client is an employer or employee we advise on:

(1) share schemes and other incentives;
(2) cross-border tax eg working overseas and in the UK.

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